Gary writes “Grit Fiction,” because life isn’t always smooth. His stories are characterized by wit, wordplay, and plot twists that will leave the reader guessing.

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M is for Winner

M IS FOR WINNER This isn’t just a story with humor, suspense, revenge, and cheating at board games. It’s also a story about a man who lost himself, and then got himself back. Boy, did he ever. That man was me. I had reasons for becoming a competitive Scrabble player. Professionals can make decent money,…

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  WHY I’M NOT A MIAMI DOLPHINS “FAN” ANYMORE Jim Kelly, that’s why. If you’ve got just a moment, we’ll back up a few decades, and then come back to that. I grew up in the part of Florida where the team from Tampa got the full-page color spread on the front of the sports…

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Tino’s Boys

TINO’S BOYS This story is gritty, and horrible, but it’s how it really happened. “Don’t you wish this night would last forever?” Tommy said, and I didn’t argue that it’s actually early morning, and not exactly the best time I’ve ever had, considering every moment’s been spent with him. Still, I grunted something that sounded…

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We Deserve a Break Today

WE DESERVE A BREAK TODAY Riceboro, Georgia, United States, not long ago. Fade in: Interior, Fast Food Restaurant. If this were a screenplay, I would have but a single, simple line. “What are you having?” Easy. Doesn’t need to be eloquent, or loud for that matter; the man is standing a few feet from me.…

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DIAMOND I hold her hand as I tell her the story. Our story. I always hold her hand, every time I tell it, and I’ve told it lots of times. Seventy.. Four. Seventy-four times, yes, ma’am, and this will be seventy-five. Seventy-five, Clara, can you believe it? Seventy-five years ago, I asked for your hand,…

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Two Of Hearts

TWO OF HEARTS Two things my father left me: Congenital heart defects, and an object lesson. Dad had spent his too-few years working in retail, dripping frustration, trying and failing to get ahead. Come evening, he’d slam the door, flop wearily into the easy chair, and tell me for the billionth time about the “Arrogant…

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You Can’t Do That at a Funeral

Andy brushed a curled brown lock from his forehead, surreptitiously mopping his brow at the same time. It’s not a sin to sweat in church, he reminded himself; with countless confessions, weddings, and conscience-stabbing sermons that had taken place under this towering ceiling, he certainly wasn’t the first to perspire. Still, the best friend of…

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Live Love Pray Die

LIVE LOVE PRAY DIE Cancer is killing the love of my life. My precious girl – my wife for ten years, sweetheart for twice that, best friend for eternity. Terminal cancer is stealing her life away. And it’s poisoning me, with hopelessness, helplessness, confusion. This shouldn’t be happening. I am filled with unfathomable rage while…

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Unlimited Miles

  Trucker’s Amnesia gradually tightens its clutch on its victims, so I can’t pinpoint exactly when my mind went missing. But it’s gone, and in its void is miry gelatinous fog. I can’t recall where I am, or where I’m headed. I have no clue of who I even am, for that matter. The only…

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