Gary writes “Grit Fiction,” because life isn’t always smooth. His stories are characterized by wit, wordplay, and plot twists that will leave the reader guessing.

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Archive for July 2017

California Anger

What a planet! California is massive, and abundantly unique. It was 50% exactly what I anticipated, 50% unexpected, and the other 80% like nothing I’d ever seen before. It’s a land of plenty. Plenty to see. Beautiful ocean views, beautiful homes, and beautiful people. Every Californian was just one big break away from Hollywood heartbreak.…

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Hot Dogs and Cold Blood

  It was Independence Day, and I was spending it imprisoned. My cell was one hundred twenty-three cubic feet, the inside of the Lincoln Continental I’d been driving for hours. Granted, the rich leather seats and wood inlays of my prison are pretty damn nice, but enough is enough. I was done with work for…

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